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A teen who was branded “tomato face” by cruel bullies has revealed her extraordinary routine to hide a red rash on her face.
Chloe Boweren, 18, from Stanwell, Surrey, undergoes a gruelling 90-minute makeover every day to cover her malar rash – a bright red or purplish rash which first appeared across her eyes, nose and cheeks three years ago.
Believed to be due to autoimmune disease lupus, the rash saw Chloe branded ‘butterfly girl’ and ‘cherry tomato face’ by school bullies and left her reluctant to leave the house unless she had to.
The checkout assistant has learned to embrace her condition and bravely films herself without makeup on for other teens going through
Three years since her first flare-up, Chloe now refuses to let the bullies get her down and bravely shows her rash to give support to other lupus sufferers.
She has even filmed the laborious 90-minute process of applying makeup so others can learn how they might be able to cope with the condition.
Chloe Boweren battled low self-esteem when the malar rash first appeared across her eyes, nose and cheeks three years ago (Image: Kennedy News and Media)
Chloe, from Stanwell, Surrey, said: “When I was 15, I woke up one morning with this face rash. People called me butterfly girl or cherry tomato face – it was awful.
“I fell into depression. I was going through my GCSEs and it was hard.
“I made the video because I just want to show people that they can love themselves and not to worry about other people.
“Sometimes I even like to go out without makeup now and embrace my face rash. It’s interesting to be different.
“Three years on, my message to my bullies is this – just look at me now.
“I don’t care what people say about me. There’s more to life than worrying about other people’s opinions.”
After various tests revealed Chloe didn’t have an allergic reaction or hormone imbalance, doctors and specialists started to investigate the possibility of her having lupus – a diagnosis they are confident of, despite Chloe waiting for formal confirmation since 2016.
Chloe’s make-up tutorial for teens with Lupus (Image: Kennedy News and Media)
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Day-to-day, Chloe suffers symptoms including extreme fatigue and arthritis.
Chloe said: “I woke up one morning in 2015 and had this malar rash across my face.
“I felt disgusting. I didn’t know what it was.
“It thought I’d used a face cream that had brought me up in the rash.
“My mum thought it was sunburn and I was baffled – it was September and freezing. It made me feel really concerned.
“I went to the GP and as soon as I walked in she was like ‘oh my god, what has happened to you?’
“Lupus is really bad. It can even attack your organs. Selena Gomez, the singer, has lupus and she recently had to have a kidney transplant.
“My rash is very hot and itchy on the first day it comes up. It feels like a football has hit me in the face on a co


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