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This video is about 👣 Pedicure Deep Cleaning Excessive Dry Skin from Elderly Toenails and Feet 👣In todays pedicure I am going to show you to care for and cut elderly toenails to remove the buildup of excessively dry skin around the toenails and feet.

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The discoloration on the top on the toenail is from her shoes putting too much pressure on the long nails causing stress on the nail bed. pedicures are more important in the fall and winter for the health of the feet and toenails. keep watching and learn how to help your loved ones so they don’t suffer from painful toenails this winter.

Before attempting to cut long toenails at home soak the feet in warm water for about 10 minutes first. The combination of the cuticle remover and the warm water will make cutting the nails much easier. Keep the blade of the toenail nippers parallel to where the toenail meets the tip of the toe.

It seems as though when Elderly people live in assisted living facilities they don’t get to shower as often as they would like. This caused excessive skin buildup on their feet and under their toenails. It is my job to get all that off. During this pedicure, I will have her put her foot in and out of the water alternating feet while I work on gently removing the buildup with my tools.

This tool is the ingrown toenail rasp. It has a serrated edge to pull out dead skin easier and to file sharp edges of the nail. All of the tools you see me using in this pedicure today are available to purchase on my online store. And don’t forget to leave me a comment to be entered into the drawing to win one of the tools I am using in the video click the subscribe button because You must be subscribed to win.

I get hundreds of questions every day about my tools and numerous positive comments about the quality and ease of use. You should treat yourself to a few professional items to assist you at home. I left a link to the online store in the description, once on the store click products, then nail care to navigate what you want to look at.

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Thanks for watching my video on 👣 Pedicure Deep Cleaning Excessive Dry Skin from Elderly Toenails and Feet 👣


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