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My Skin Finally Peeled: How to Remove Acne Scars a…

Expect for Skin to Look Horrible After a TCA or Dermapen Session

I’m using my dermapen because I have depressed scars on the sides of my cheek that I had since I was young. They weren’t bad but as I started getting older I notice them looking worse so I l’m definitely tryna get rid of them!

Not only are they embarrassing (Regardless if my skin looks good one day) but they are depressing just like it’s name

I will be doing more dermapen sessions and some of you might even become interesting after seeing my results…Just to let you know, this is my 7th/8th one and sometimes it will take up to 12 uses or 16 depending on how the treatment is done and how you treat your skin

You can learn more here:

I don’t recommend anyone do this so I won’t include a link


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