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How to – Facial GUA SHA

Im Abigail James, this skincare video is to tell you all about facial Gua Sha and how best to use it for facial rejuvenation, reducing puffiness and as an extra to your at home skincare routine to give you that glow!

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In this video mine is jade, they come in lots of different shapes, sizes and materials. you can use with a facial oil, mask and or serum as long as its not a water based serum. in this video Im using it on its own without any slip.

They are safe enough to use every day for most normal skin types. they make a great pre going out boost to your face and also help get rid of puffiness the morning after!

As far as anti-aging goes they are helping with drainage, they will give a visibly lifted appearance and boost blood flow, which are all good for keeping the skin healthy.


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