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How to Dry Skin Brush the Arms – Self Lymph Draina…

(Friends! Sorry for the delay in uploading this week! Been having some tech difficulties with youtube but we are all set! Enjoy! Melissa)

In today’s video I will share with you a lymphatic drainage dry skin brush tutorial that showcases lymphatic drainage and dry skin brushing techniques that will help drain your axillary lymph nodes that might have been compromised, surgically removed, radiated or over burdened with an abundance of lymphatic fluid.

A common question from my patients both in person and online is:

How Do I Dry Skin Brush to Relieve Lymphatic Arm Swelling after My Mastectomy?

Today’s video is aimed at helping you at home watching perform your own self lymph drainage massage using one very popular and cheap tool at home: a dry skin body brush.

Draining your axillary lymph nodes can be easy with the use of a dry skin brush. This is great for anyone seeking to improve the lymphatic flow from their breasts and axillary lymph nodes. Dry skin brushing after surgery ( especially mastectomy surgery) can greatly improve mastectomy surgery recovery time.

Dry Body Brushing Benefits Individuals Who feel:
Have PMS breast swelling
Chronic Sinus/Upper Respiratory Issues
Swollen Lymph Nodes
Poor Lymphatic Movement
Post Surgical Swelling
Post Mastectomy Swelling & Healing

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