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DIY Acrylic Style Nail | Natural Pink Ombre

Hey guys!! Here is a video showing the basic process of how I have been doing my nails.

If you have any questions comment below or DM me on instagram @madyplans or @madelineelopez (my personal account) and tag me if you try this!

*I apologize for the brightness of the video , but I really wanted to get this out there so you could try it for yourself if you are interested! I will make more videos like this showing the different nail shapes I love and favorite nail polish shades!

Everything you need can be purchased at Sally’s Beauty Supply or online.

Here are a few links to help you find products and prices.

Make sure the tips you buy cover the whole nail!

*Terrific Tips Elite Extra Overlap: (the ones I used in the video)

Terrific Tips Precision Nail Tips:,default,pd.html#q=terrific+tips+precision&start=1
(these are plus size nails, but have a rounder base. The smaller sizes in the package fit my nails perfectly)

Omega Labs USA Nail Glue:,default,pd.html#q=nail+glue&start=1

Any rough nail file will work, as well as regular nail clippers!

Nail polish – OPI Infinite Shine Collection

Bubble Bath:,default,pd.html

It’s a Girl:,default,pd.html#q=poi+its+a+girl&start=1

Clear Coat:,default,pd.html


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