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Crystal Skull Nail Art Design – Quick and Easy Nai…

Hey, guys.

So have I got an exciting design for you. I’m going to be creating a crystal skull. OMG! How cool is that? Do you believe in the crystal skulls?

No, this isn’t a homage to Indian Jones or Pirates of the Caribbean. It’s just gonna be a super glamorous skull nail that you can wear in any season because we all know that black is chic, right? So, first of all, I am going to be using a tapered square tip and I’m gonna apply two coats of Serious Black, cure it and then go over it with the Urban Graffiti Topcoat and then cure that.

Now I’m gonna use It’s Clear Dear AcryGel and apply a little bead to the base of the nail and then we are gonna use a brush to create the shape of a skull. After you’ve finished the skull, we are going to use the black crystals to create his eyes and then you are going to go around the outside of the edge so that you can cover the whole of the eye and then we are going to fill in his nose and his mouth with the crystals and then I’m gonna sprinkle lighter crystals over his face!

There you are, guys. I hope you enjoyed that video and if you did please don’t forget to subscribe to our channel, like this video and all that shebang and I will see you in the next video!

Love ya!





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πŸͺπŸͺπŸͺπŸͺ – Products Used in This Video – πŸͺπŸͺπŸͺπŸͺ

Serious Black 15ml – UGGP-A0002 –
Urban Graffiti Top Coat –
AcryGel Tube 30g – It’s Clear Dear –
New Brushes/Tools –
Clear Jet Black Crystals – 1mm (6g Pot) –
Silver Crystals – 1mm (6g Pot) –

πŸͺπŸͺπŸͺπŸͺ – Products Commonly Used – πŸͺπŸͺπŸͺπŸͺ

Clear Acrylic Powder –
Natural Beige Cover Pink Acrylic Powder –
Mega Gloss Sealer Gel –
Nail Prep/Dehydrator –
Acid Free Nail Primer –
Acid Based Nail Primer 15ml – –
Gel Residue Remover 120ml –
Maximum Adhesion –
240ml Medium Speed Acrylic Monomer –
480ml High Speed Acrylic Liquid –
Dotting Tool –
Pinching Tool
180/180 Grit Nail File –
Buffer –
Pure Acetone –
Lint Free Wipe –
Cuticle Oil –


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