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How To Get A Flawless Look Using Only Foundation

Make up tutorial How to get a sheer natural look using just foundation!
If you have any foundation or concealer palettes laying around you will love this!

I used Foundation form Graftobian in this tutorial

I love this look!
This was something taught at one of my MAC training classes

To get started I do my eyes 1st
Highlight your brow bone and around your tear duct
with a shade that is very much lighter than your own skin tone

Define your crease with a medium dark color that stands out slightly
when you have applied the crease color blend in a windshield washer motion
once that is blended use your brush that you used to apply your highlight color and blend
the top of the crease line and the bottom of your highlight color together

Apply a medium to light shade on your lid

Now choose a Brow color I choose a deep warm shade
Using an angle brush to apply it follow the shape of the bottom of your eyebrow
this defines the shape then fill them in using the same color remember
you need not use a heavy hand to fill them in use soft strokes for this application

to finish off the eyes i set with a transparent setting powder

Eyeliner is optional if you want to use your eyeliner its fine but I used a Deep Dark Foundation
and I applied it with a thin eyeliner brush!

Next I move on with my face I choose to mix together three shades of foundation left on my palette
I put my foundation on with a paddle foundation brush for this tutorial any foundation brush, sponge or fingers will do

I dot the foundation in four spots on my face and blend down
blending in a downward motion will make your skin look smoother

next I use a pink toned foundation as a blush I apply it with my foundation brush I tap a little bit of color on my cheek bones and concentrate most of the color on the apples of my cheeks
then to lift your cheek bones use the same color you highlighted your brow bone with and you can apply that on the top part of the cheek bones
blend downward blending your blush on the cheek bones into to it almost just leaving the blush on the apples of the cheeks standing out more

I also highlight my forehead right above the arch of my brow bone blending up toward my hair line almost

last apply you lip color I choose a purple based color but and orange one works great too!
Follow your natural lip line with a lip brush

Finish with Setting Powder, mascara and Lip Gloss



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