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How to Apply Lipstick that Lasts through Eating an…

Applying lipstick can be frustrating but with a lot of trial and error, I finally unlocked the key on how to apply lipstick that lasts without it fading, smudging, becoming uneven or without reapplying. Here’s now I did it!

Lipstick Used:
Oh La La by Red Apple Lipstick

Lipsticks Mentioned:
Secrets by Red Apple Lipstick
Jennifer’s Nude #370 by L’Oreal

Places where you can learn more about flawless lipstick application:
Go to RAL’s website and on the right hand side, join the email subscription to the week long course called “Lipstick Frustrations to Lipstick Sensations.”

Also, you can check out my review of both of the Red Apple Lipsticks that I mentioned in this video here:

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