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HOODED , DROOPY EYES – my makeup tips and tricks

These are my tips and tricks for hooded and droopy eyes make up, including application of eye shadows , eye liner and false lashes. Please remember, I am not a make up artist or an expert. These tips work for me and I hope that this video will help some of you. Sorry it is so long.
Eyebags and under eye puffiness -tips ~ http://youtu.be/SsT3iNUyIiw
Make up for hooded eyes using matte eye shadows ~ http://youtu.be/Cx7JnNfpi5Q
Winged eyeliner for hooded eyes ~ http://youtu.be/KXCQOWc7TGQ
Hooded eyes, where do I find my crease~ http://youtu.be/8vG2GMao84I
Makeup brushes for hooded eyes ~ http://youtu.be/rzby9doEze8

Thank you for watching.

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