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10 Ways To Nail Your Makeup For Your Face Shape

How To Apply Makeup Based On Your Face Shape
There are certain things that are worth knowing in the quest for perfect makeup application, and one of the top ones is discovering how to find out your face shape. Not only do we help you do just that, but we also share 10 ways to nail your makeup for your face shape.

Whether you’re looking for the best makeup for a square face, the ideal makeup for a round face, or you just want to know how to complement face shape with makeup, we’ve got the lowdown in our video. One of the keys to making the most of your features is to be confident in knowing how contouring will flatter your best points. Highlighter, bronzer, and blush are amongst the best makeup for face shape flattery. Even contouring queen, Kim Kardashian, could learn a thing or two with these tips!

We’ll show you how to apply makeup based on your face shape, from eyeliner and mascara to lipstick and eye shadow. You’ll also learn the importance of the perfect eyebrow shape in balancing different face shapes. Did you know that the perfect makeup for a heart-shaped face has certain things in common with the ideal makeup for an oblong face, but also some key differences? As for the best makeup for an oval face, you’ll be a makeup pro by the end of the video.

Watch our video to see 10 ways to nail your makeup for your face shape, and share your top makeup tips with us in the comments.

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