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Perm Rod Tutorial


Hey Y’all! It’s me….Shaun from Chigirlmakeup!!!! I’m finally ready to post my first video! I know…I know…it only took my 5 months LOL. I hope you guys like it! This is a tutorial of my favorite style….yep…my PERM ROD sets! This video will show you the steps I take from start to finish to achieve my sets.

*Stay tune for my next video that shows you my nightly routine so that my sets last up to 14 days….Yes…14 days! Y’all know I’m a lazy natural LOL!

Products I used for my hair:

Deva Curl Gel
Lottabody Coconut & Shea Oil Setting Lotion (I diluted 1 part Lottabody to 3 parts water)
Coconut oil (to seal)
Elucence Moisture Balance Conditioner (for my leave in conditioner)
Jane Carter Solution Nourish & Shine (to help separate my hair once it was dried)
Perm Rods (purple, orange and cream)
Rat-tail comb
Denman Brush

I don’t follow a certain order when using the products. I just use as needed. If my hair is drying out, I’ll spray it with water and so forth. Rule of thumb, when detangling, use your leave in conditioner to help as it provides slip (this is what I do). The only thing I always do is I only use the deva curl at the very end right before I roll and I use a little bit…a little goes a LONG way. NOTE: these products work for me, but the may or may not work for you. Just like with anything else…it will be trial and error when using products. Good luck.

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