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How To Straighten Frizzy Hair *My Secret Tool* Tut…

Hey guys! I don’t know why I didn’t put this video up sooner. I have naturally frizzy/wavy/curly hair and I’ve found a trick that works like magic to make my hair sleek and straight. It’s a conair clamp brush and I get mine at a local drugstore (Bartell Drugs). I haven’t seen it sold in Target but I’m still looking around to find places where you guys can pick one up! They do sell them online and like I said, mine is just an oridnary conair one and let me tell you…it is magic!!

*My hair looks a little greasy in some areas of this video and I think that is due to my hair being the slightest bit damp in some places, because I did shower right before this!! :p

Hope this video helps you guys if you have the same crazy hair like I do and please leave any questions, comments, requests down below!

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