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Braiding Hair For Beginners – RastAfri My Expert 2…

Hi Beauties,

Guess what?!! I braided my hair!! Now, I’m not a professional, but I think I did a pretty good job! 🙂 It usually takes me the ENTIRE weekend to braid my hair, but this was the FIRST time I was able to complete it within 11 hours! lol This is a MILESTONE for me yall! Check out how I was able to complete this style using “My Expert 24” by RastAfri. It’s the PERFECT braiding hair for beginners!

*EDIT* I forgot to mention that I dipped my hair in hot water after braiding it. Dipping it in hot water keeps the hair from unraveling! I also used 8 packs of hair!

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You can purchase the hair here: http://store.goldenmartbeautysupply.com/rafrikasaprm.html

Hope you Enjoy!!

Learn How to Take Down Braids without Losing Hair: https://youtu.be/lkAqMt7WZPE

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